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Jinx Bauble Blinkert

June 2016

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Jinx Bauble Blinkert

Jinx's Northrend Journal, first entry:

Dearest Tezzin,

I wish every day that i could at least write to you at a fixed address so that I could share even the smallest mintutiae of my days with you; isn't that the right of a spouse? To natter on about the mundane? Instead I'm following the suggestion of our daughter and have decided to keep this journal.


Surely by now the word of the crises in Northrend have reached you in your master's sanctuary. I can't imagine why he keeps you in sabbatical there, when your skills are so sorely needed by so many -- he has always been inscrutable to me. Nevertheless, even a humble nethermancer like myself has been called upon to help the forces against the Lich King; after seeing the devastation his armies wreaked upon the new harbor in Stormwind (and after all the hard work put in by the Dwarven masons!) I couldn't ignore the threat. Even though Varian Wrynn is only newly returned from his, well, let's call it a detainment since I am ignorant of the details; and I haven't had a chance to acquaint myself with his politics, I took it as a good sign that he is open-minded enough to count a young Sin'dorei woman amongst his closest comrades. He also cuts quite an imposing figure! I'm feeling confident that we'll see a lasting peace forged between Horde and Alliance with his help. What a fine legacy for young Anduin to inherit! I'm sure that grave little boy is glad for the opportunity to be a child again. Highlord Fordragon has been sent to Nothrend as well, and though I'm sure Anduin misses his friend and regent, surely it's a small price to pay for being reunited with his father.

Fortunately the libraries of the Explorer's League contain many map folios as well as accounts from good Brann Bronzebeard. Dearest, you know I'm no adventurer, but reading Brann's research notes and status reports is such a comfort before any journey. I tell you, if I ever have the privilege of meeting that dwarf, I shall impress upon him the need to publish some compact traveler's guides!

You will be so proud of Landra, and of Raani as well, who is still boarding at our home. Our daughter is doing great things with her fellow pages of the Silver Hand, helping the Vindicators in the Exodar. She still finds time for her artwork, and indeed, I'm going to run out of walls to hang the lovely paintings that she sends me! Raani has been working hard as well, and although I fear she may never be rid of the stammer that hampers her speech, her command of Common is excellent. She's a joy to have around the house, and has turned her room into a small workshop where she crafts lovely trinkets with gemstones. It's so nice to see tinkering being done...

But I digress, darling husband. I've packed my bags, given Raani the housekeys, gotten Feathers and Suntalon from the stables and will be heading to catch my tram to Stormwind soon. Steam-powered sea routes have opened up from there to the western peninsula of the Borean Tundra and the Alliance have built two posts there--one of them staffed completely by our people! I don't really know what to expect otherwise. I've gotten out my credentials from the Argent Dawn and other entities in the hopes that I can be granted safe passage as a diplomatic representative of Gnomeregan.

And as always, my dear, I strive to live by your example of benevolence and charity.

Ever yours,